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Shop From Home

Ens Lexus Shop from home program:

Experience a VIP buying experience that only Ens Lexus can offer!

• At home test-drive

1. Pick a Lexus you think you’re going to love!
2. Schedule a time to have it brought directly to you, clean and sanitized for your comfort and security.
3. Confirm the appointment – A Lexus sales professional will contact you prior to delivering the vehicle to confirm the
appointment, the location and any special requests that you might have.
4. Enjoy your drive! Test drives can be as little as an hour or even overnight, whatever is best for YOU.

• Love the car and want to purchase it? That’s great! We will provide a comprehensive quote by email and can discuss it in detail with you over the phone. We will prepare documents for signing, collect a deposit over the phone and complete all required paperwork. We can even send it to the insurance agent of your choice. Your paperwork and new vehicle will be ready at a safe and secure location for you to pickup. We will perform a complete vehicle introduction and learning session at your convenience at a later date.
• Not sure about the initial vehicle you’ve chosen? No problem! We would be happy to answer all of your questions and can suggest other options that suit you better!
• Still not sure if you’ve found the perfect fit or are unsure if the timing is right for you? Take your time, we’ll be here for you when YOU’RE ready to continue your new vehicle shopping. Let us know how we can help, now or in the future.
• Most importantly, there is never any implied obligation at any stage of the process. Feel free to try as many or as few cars as you’d like and we can stop or reset the process at any time.
• Thank you for trusting Ens Lexus