Self-Charging Hybrids


Have you been considering switching to a hybrid vehicle but were hesitant because of the need to plug it in? What if you forgot to charge it up one night and couldn’t get to work on time in the morning? What if you’re out and about all day and can’t find a charging station? We understand your concerns and are offering you something better in return: the Self-Charging Hybrid from Lexus. These hybrids are electrified vehicles that never need to to be plugged in so you never have to worry about battery life or changing your driving habits.


You may be wondering how one gets a Self-Charging Hybrid vehicle. Lexus Hybrids combine a technologically advanced gas engine and a battery and electric motor with the intelligence to automatically choose the best combination of gas and electric based on your needs to recharge as you drive–making them the ideal choice for electric driving. You’ll also be charging the battery every time you brake thanks to regenerative braking that recovers some of the kinetic energy that was lost to convert it back to electricity. The high-output battery and electric motor work in tandem to provide you with all the power you need during initial take-off, while the Electronic Control Unit sends power to the drive wheels and an electric generator, recharging the hybrid battery when at cruising speeds. When it’s time to accelerate, the gas engine automatically engages while the Lexus Hybrid Drive optimizes power from both sources and leverages the Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission for instant response, powerful acceleration, and a seamless transition between gas and electric motor.


Besides never having to plug-in the Lexus Self-Charging Hybrids and less stops at the gas pumps, you’ll also get the added benefits of uncompromised performance, instantaneous acceleration, responsive power, low emissions, and a blissfully quiet and luxuriously smooth ride. Really, what more could you ask for? These hybrids are always ready to go–simply press the power button! On top of the already great reasons to own a Lexus vehicle, choosing a Self-Charging Hybrid model gives you the extra bonus of being environmentally friendlier than conventionally powered vehicles–setting you a cut above the rest. They’re everything you love about a Lexus and more.


Just in case you needed any more reasons to choose a Self-Charging Lexus Hybrid, the perks continue with benefits like your Lexus Hybrid only requiring maintenance every 8,000 km and receiving the same award-winning Lexus Precision Service, standard Roadside Assistance for 48 months, and the same comprehensive warranty as every other Lexus plus an 8 year/160,000 km Hybrid Component and high Voltage Battery warranty. With over one million Self-Charging Hybrids sold worldwide, you can count on them to be durable, reliable, and as always, exceptional.