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Luxury Cars for Sale

Luxury Cars for Sale

  • Your dealership for new and pre-owned Lexus vehicles
  • Full-service store with finance, service, and parts departments
  • Conveniently located at 631 Brand Court in Saskatoon
  • Professional and reliable team of automotive experts
  • Make ENS Lexus your Lexus Dealership today!
Luxury Cars for Sale

Living in the lap of luxury is simply a matter of driving home a vehicle that has the features and the ergonomic qualities that best reflect your needs on the roads ahead. Have you had a chance to experience the recent additions and updates to the Lexus lineup? If not, it’s time to join us at ENS Lexus and work with our team of professionals who will help you find the right vehicle to match your style, your driving habits, and what best embodies you today and into the future which is why you'll want to check out our luxury cars for sale to get things started..

Work with our dedicated team of professionals that have served the people of Saskatoon since we first opened our doors back in 1989. If you have a friend or family member who has previously worked with one our stores – just ask them how they felt they were treated when they worked with us – and you can be sure that you’re going to receive the expert advice and solid results that make your life on the road even better! Be sure to check out our Luxury Cars for Sale.

Luxury Cars for Sale

Your Lexus Dealership – ENS Lexus

Measure your adventures on the road by how memorable they are and know that the careful development present across the Lexus lineup has all the features you’ll need to make every trip better. There’s something about working with a dealership that has the history as you’ll find at ENS Lexus – and with the reputation that we can draw upon, we’re confident that you’ll have the resources you need to find the best options to fit your driving lifestyle. We want to make a valuable and positive difference in your life – and with the vehicles and the professionals on-site to assist you, well, you’ll understand better once you’ve met our team – we’ll get you back on the road better – faster.

Conveniently located, ENS Lexus is proud to support a brand that has taken the world by storm – thanks to design and conceptual realizations that always live up and then exceed expectations – you’re going to really love what our team can do for you today! With so many vehicles to draw from, you’re going to have your pick from segments that range from cars to hybrids, all the way to crossovers and SUVS. Starting with the CT, and moving through models to include the IS, RC, RC F, ES, GS, GS F, LS, as well as SUV models in the form of the NX, RX, GX, and LX options. Let’s get you the results you deserve – at ENS Lexus!

Luxury Cars for Sale

The Brand that Loves its Drivers

You deserve the best the market has to offer – and with Lexus – that’s precisely what you get. Let’s take a quick tour through the option – Take a look at the CT – the world’s first luxury Hybrid hatchback, the Lexus CT has been crafted for exceptional performance and efficiency. Offering a conventional 134 net horsepower and equipped with the proprietary Lexus Hybrid Drive engine, you and 5 others will love your time inside this comfortable and present model. Next we have the IS, standing for Innovative Sedan, you’ll adore the features that make this so well regarded, including the twin scroll turbocharger for 241 horsepower and an exceptional time on the road.

Luxury Cars for Sale

Models You’ll Love to Drive

The RC is an inhibition-releasing drive with a cockpit that excels at offering a striking appearance and exhilarating driving experience with AWD and a 255 horsepower engine. Room for 4, this is a coupe that makes every drive amazing – or choose the RC F that ups the ante to 467 horsepower from a 5.0L V8 engine, making this the most powerful V8 ever released from Lexus. Following that up isn’t easy, but the ES does a great job – standing for Elegant Sedan, this model emphasized comfort and is highlighted with a 268 horsepower engine, 5 passenger seating, and luxury features every modern driver will love.

Luxury Cars for Sale

Exceptional Features Across the Lexus Family

Your journey will always be more impressive with vehicles like the GS – at 311 horsepower, this lightweight AWD car has sequential shift mode and paddle-shifters to really let you get command of your next outing. Like the RF F, the GS F embraces the thrill of the road with 467 horsepower and impressive Lexus safety features. Finally, we come to the LS – a Luxury Sedan that needs little introduction, this is a car that has taken Lexus to new heights – 360 horsepower is just the tip of the iceberg when you get into this fantastic car.

Luxury Cars for Sale

The SUV Models Perfect for You

If you’re after a SUV – Lexus’ luxury models are sure to please. The NX is our starter point, and a luxury compact SUV that complements its drivers with space, 235 turbo horsepower, and safety features to keep you content wherever you’re going. The RX takes this and goes forward, offering even Hybrid potential and 295 horsepower with space for 5. The GX is a freedom-revealing adventure seeker, with 4x4 on true body-on-frame tradition, this is for explorers who want more! We wrap up the list of Lexus models with the LX – the flagship of luxury with advanced technology, space for 8, and no exceptions on destinations this can get you to. Join us today at ENS Lexus to find yours today!

Premier Service Meets Outstanding Opportunities at ENS Lexus

Located in beautiful Saskatoon, you’ll find what you’re looking for when you work with the team at ENS Lexus. We get to work the moment you reach out to us and offer an impressive selection of vehicles for drivers that want to find a model that has the features they’re after backed by a dealership with the resources to keep you on the road for years and years without complication – but with all the qualities that make you proud to be a member of the ENS Lexus family.

Come down to our dealership at 631 Brand Court or call us at (306) 664-6965 and let our team get to know you so we can offer you the advice and the options that put you back on the road with a smile on your face and the knowledge that you picked the right dealership for your needs – ENS Lexus!

Luxury Cars for Sale
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