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Apple Carplay

Select 2019 Lexus models now support Apple CarPlay™, a smart and simple way to use your iPhone while driving your Lexus.

Simply connect a compatible iPhone into a USB outlet and CarPlay™-enabled apps automatically appear on your display screen. Then navigate and control apps in the way you like best -- using the display screen itself, steering wheel controls, or with Siri. Best of all your focus stays in the moment, and on the road ahead.

Android Auto

Android Auto was designed with safety in mind. With a simple and intuitive interface, integrated steering wheel controls and powerful new voice actions, it's designed to minimise distraction so that you can stay focused on the road.



Lexus Safety System +

Safety is the ultimate. Through an innovative array of integrated safety technologies, we take high-level driver-assist to the next level – providing you that freedom to embrace your Lexus on your next drive.


This advanced Lexus safety system works automatically and can help you avoid a frontal collision or decrease the severity of a frontal impact.


Lane Departure Alert is a system designed to warn a driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane (unless a turn signal is on in that direction) on freeways and city roads with visible line markings.


Intelligent High Beam allows the driver to concentrate on the road by automatically switching between high and low beams, depending on the current driving situation.


On highways and freeways, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is designed to detect a vehicle ahead and determine its speed. It then automatically adjusts your vehicle speed (within a set range) to help maintain a comfortable driving experience.