Lexus LF-FC Future Concept & Review

July 24th, 2020 by

If you’re wondering about the Lexus LF-FC Concept or the Lexus LF-FC Release Date, then read on for more details.


The Lexus LF-FC flagship was revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. It was a stunning preview for the next generation hydrogen-powered sports cars. This car is bigger than the current LS generation with the exterior body a full four inches longer and wider but two inches lower than the existing LS sedan.

The lower stance and wider body complement each other and bring attention to the unique grille. The griller has a new design made with mesh and a floating “L-shaped” logo in the centre. Sports aluminium wheels with carbon fibre rims grace the car, while large, bold tail lights and daytime running lights (DRL) bring light.

Once you slip behind the wheel, you’ll feel the difference of the Lexus LF-FC. A spacious interior boasts many technology concepts that make driving convenient add luxury to the ride. The infotainment system can be manipulated by a slight of the hand. A holographic image on the console allows your hand gestures to control certain features of the car, such as ventilation and audio. In addition, a large touchscreen infotainment centre allows the driver to see the display clearly.

The T-shaped hydrogen fuel tank in the LF-FC is located centrally, while the electric motor is in the front and the fuel cell powertrain is in the back. This set up provides power to the motors and pushes the rear wheels simultaneously. The car’s design is dynamic making navigation and stability on the road superb for a sedan.

You’ll have two driving modes with which to operate the vehicle. During cruising mode, the fuel cell stack will create electricity to recharge the battery and drive, while the fuel cell stack and the battery will power the car when in acceleration mode.


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