Deciding between The Two Luxury Brands: Cadillac or Lexus? 

June 7th, 2021 by

Deciding between The Two Luxury Brands: Cadillac or Lexus?

Cadillac’s premium brand was the child of Henry Leland, who also happens to be the creator of fellow luxury brand Lincoln. He created the first Cadillac vehicle in 1902, and it instantly became the car to see and be seen in. Today people feel the same when they are browsing luxury dealerships in search of a Cadillac Saskatoon. We see many people browse our lot daily looking for a Cadillac or Lexus, and the reason is simple because both cars present an air of sophistication, success, consistency, and success. If you want a vehicle that drives elegantly with an air of luxury and a solid performance, then you won’t do better than a used Cadillac Saskatoon.

How Cadillac Grew Into a Luxury Brand

Of course, the Cadillac brand had a long journey from its first appearance in 1902 to the appearance of brand representative sedans like the Cadillac CTS sitting in the showrooms of luxury dealerships throughout Saskatoon. In 1906 Cadillac premiered a closed body vehicle that fired on one cylinder known as the Osceola that would pave the way for modern-day vehicles like the Cadillac CTS.

In the 1920s, the brand brought out many new luxury designs, but the Great Depression saw a dip in sales until the Cadillac V-16 was introduced, and suddenly everyone was watching to see what the company would do next. That trend has carried well over into modern times where it can be hard to come by a used Cadillac because they are highly sought after luxury vehicles.

Meet the Modern Day Cadillacs for Sale

Today the Cadillac range is sold under the GM umbrella, and as such, is known as their luxury brand. Cadillac offers several vehicle premium ranges, including a full SUV and sedan range. The brand also offers the Cadillac Lyriq, their first electric model, to reach a new market space. Within the SUV range are the XT4 and the XT5, both of which are crossover compact SUVs similar to the Lexus UX and the Lexus NX for those currently debating Cadillac or Lexus. Those looking for a full SUV may want to turn their attention to the Cadillac XT6 or the full-sized Escalade, which is by far the premium and most spacious SUV from Cadillac comparable to the Lexus LX.

Additionally, Cadillac also offers a luxury range of sedans known as the CT range and the executive luxury sedan Cadillac CTS, comparable to the Lexus ES 350. For the sake of comparison between the Lexus range and the Cadillac range, we will take a closer look at the performance of the Lexus ES 350 versus the Cadillac CTS.

Cadillac CTS Vs. Lexus ES 350: Safety & Space

In terms of safety, the Cadillac CTS and the Lexus ES 350 offer all of the standard safety features, along with a 4-wheel disc braking system. However, the Cadillac CTS slightly wins the safety category for their addition of an emergency trunk release and driver restriction features, which can be useful if you are looking for a fleet vehicle or a car for a teen driver and can reduce its distracted driving operation. The two vehicles are almost equally matched in interior space as well, with the ability to hold five passengers. In addition, they offer comparable interior spacing, with the Lexus offering approximately 100mm of extra rear legroom while the Cadillac CTS offers approximately 100mm extra front head and front legroom.

Cadillac CTS or Lexus ES: Performance & Technology

In terms of performance, both the Cadillac CTs and the Lexus ES 350 have a V-6 engine, although the Cadillac is turbocharged with the option of either a 2L or 3.6L while the Lexus offers a standard 3.5L on all trim options. However, in terms of horsepower and torque, the Cadillac CTS is the clear over-performer with the ability to get up to 420jp and 430ft-lb of torque under the hood, while the Lexus ES 350 maxes out at 268hp and 248 ft-lb.

It should come as no surprise that both vehicles are packed full of technology perks like satellite radio, in-dash navigational systems, and an array of driver assistance features. Still, here, the Cadillac CTS outshines the Lexus. In addition to standard luxury features, the used Cadillac also offers automatic parking, heads-up display, lane assist, a Wi-FI hotspot, power outlet, wireless charging, and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

Cadillac or Lexus: Who’s the Winner?

While both the Lexus ES 350 and Cadillac CTS are brilliant used luxury ranges and offer comparable features and performances along with a sophisticated appearance, the Cadillac edges out the Lexus because of its great technology package and stronger performance. If you want all the extra trims and features, you should look for the Cadillac for sale at your local luxury dealership. However, if you don’t find a used Cadillac Saskatoon model you enjoy, the Lexus is still a premium and worthwhile second choice. Browse our luxury used car inventory here.