Luxury Brands: Is Acura a Luxury Vehicle

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What is a luxury car brand?

It’s a question that automotive journalists and the general public commonly ask: what makes a luxury vehicle? While the subject can be subjective, there are a few commonly-agreed upon criteria. It includes artistry, attention to detail, and advanced features not found in other cars. Acura is widely considered to be a luxury brand — the premium lineup of Honda. Their vehicles contain premium materials, advanced technology, upscale design, and high-end performance. So, if you’re looking for a luxury car or SUV, you’ll likely come across options from Acura.


Acura, a luxury brand

Launched in 1986, Acura was created by Honda’s executives to capture a share of the premium automotive market. Much like Lexus is to Toyota, the new brand focused on luxury, although Acura’s design ethos combined premium features with sports-like performance. Today, the Acura luxury brand has become popular across North America and together with Lexus, Acura has become known as one of Canada’s leading Japanese automotive brands. Therefore, both new and used Acura’s remain sought after by many.


The Acura story

Lexus was born in North America in 1991 with the launch of the LS 400 sedan, the result of nearly 10 years of development and market research. It took the automotive world by storm, smashing all previous standards for quality, craftsmanship and reliability. This one vehicle laid the groundwork for the solid reputation that Lexus is now well known worldwide.


Acura or Lexus as your next luxury vehicle

You will not go wrong if you put your hard-earned money down on either an Acura or a Lexus, but according to consumer reports, when it comes to reliability, Lexus takes the lead. In fact, Lexus has bested all other brands in the latest 5-year dependability survey*Reference*. Conversely, if sporty ride and handling are more to your liking, Acura edges ahead. Safety-wise, luxury brands come standard with most, if not all, safety appointments as standard features.


Another advantage that Lexus holds over its home-grown competitor is that it provides the consumer with a broader range of choices within its lineup. One of the main criticisms that Acura has faced in its bid to become a rival against the established German and Japanese competition is that it does not offer a truly complete lineup.


Popular Luxury SUVs by Acura & Lexus

The lack of a flagship Acura sedan or SUV has resulted in second-tier, premium status. The NSX halo car, like the Lexus LFA, elevated the status of the Acura, but the minute quantity of units sold has done little to increase volume or market share for the brand. Acura does not have an answer for the Lexus LS or LX, which are admittedly also low volume. Still, by not participating, they also miss out on the positive association and referrals that can result when influencers purchase these higher-end products.


Conclusion on Acura or Lexus?

The main takeaway here is that Acura has positioned itself as the sportier choice, whereas Lexus focuses on broader product offerings that, above all else, prioritize reliability and comfort. Consumers who seek a luxury vehicle with performance may favour Acura vehicles, but Lexus continues to hold an elevated status over its national rival in a head-to-head comparison. At the end of the day, both Lexus and Acura are premium vehicles, and your decision will come down to personal choice.

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