2020 Lexus GX 460 Review: Worth Buying?

September 21st, 2020 by

The Lexus GX 460 has a long history of success in the upscale SUV market. The underlying design of the current model was launched back in 2014, and while there have been some tweaks and enhancements along the way, this is a model that knows what it stands for rather than chasing the latest fashions.

Considering that there are plenty of more recently updated SUVs available, is it worth buying a new GX 460 if you see one for sale at a good price? Read our 2020 Lexus GX review to find out.


In an age of SUVs which try to offer something for everyone, the GX 460 picks an approach and sticks with it. The combination of traditional Lexus luxury and sheer underlying power is almost unique in the market.


The Lexus is based around a 4.6L V8 engine cranking out 301 horsepower and 329lb-ft of torque. For a standard road-based SUV, this is a huge amount of power, and means the GX 460 can handle even the toughest of terrains with ease.

The raw horsepower is passed through smooth six-speed shiftable automatic transmission to all-wheel drive, and the overall effect is of a confident SUV which always feels like it has plenty in reserve.


However, performance is only half of the Lexus story. The GX 460 has an interior that’s designed from the ground up for comfort and luxury. Features including heated and ventilated seats, plus tri-zone automatic climate control, ensure all passengers are at ease throughout any journey.

It has to be said that infotainment is a little behind the times, though. The 8″ touchscreen is clear and bright, and comes complete with navigation, but the lack of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is mysterious, even in a car of this vintage.

All that said, the GX 460 maintains the Lexus reputation for high-end interior comfort.


Lastly, the exterior of this Lexus is something of a conundrum. It’s chunky and imposing, and not a little stylish. But while the body design received a major refresh in 2020, it’s still a car which doesn’t quite catch the modern mood.

However, if you like the striking lines and domineering front grille, you’ll be perfectly happy to drive a SUV which stands out among its rivals.


When you add together the performance and comfort specifications, the GX 460 deserves a high place on your shopping list. The car is currently not available, contact us now to book a reservation.

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