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2015 Lexus LS Preview

2015 Lexus LS Preview

Feb. 19, 2015

Pros: You’ll be driving Lexus’ top dog, it’s their most luxurious and most well appointed sedan. It’s also AWD and a hybrid version is available, as well as an F SPORT package that makes the LS look pretty rockin’.

Cons: As it is at the top of the ladder luxury-wise, it’s also there price-wise, and engine-wise and fuel economy wise. This is not a “saver” in any sense of the word. Plus, it’s a bit long in the tooth.

2015 Lexus LS Price and Fuel Economy: There are three available models in the 2015 Lexus LS lineup, and they are as follows:

2015 LS 460 AWD $88,900
2015 LS 460 L AWD $101,600
2015 LS 600h L $126,200

Of note, should you want the F SPORT package on your Lexus LS, you’re looking at about an $8k increase on top of the already large price tag -- and the upgrades are purely aesthetic, no mechanical changes are part of the F SPORT package.

As for fuel numbers, for the two AWD models they’re the same at 15.2L/100km in the city and 10.2L/100km on the highway. Pony up for the hybrid version and those numbers change quite a bit in the city to 12.7L/100km, and stay relatively the same on the highway at 10.1L/100km.

Powertrain: The 2015 Lexus LS 460 is equipped with a 4.6L V8 that produces 360 horsepower and is coupled with an 8-speed automatic. Opt for the 600h and you’re Lexus LS comes with a 5.0L 32-valve V8 Hybrid Drive System with two high-torque electric drive motors. All that means you get 438 net horsepower from both the V8 and the electric motors.

There are also a number of drive modes to choose from: Normal, Eco, Sport, Sport+ and Comfort.

Changes and Improvements: No significant changes or improvements have been made to the 2015 Lexus LS.

Cargo Capacity: The Lexus LS non-hybrid models offer just over 500 litres of cargo space in the rear, while the 600h has a slightly smaller capacity at 368 litres. Seating is for five across the board.

Safety: The 2015 Lexus LS is equipped with all manner of standard safety equipment and airbags, as well as Lexus Enform Safety Connect immediate assistance, Smart Stop Technology, Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring system, and Intuitive Parking Assist.

Comparing the 2015 Lexus LS: Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Cadillac XTS, Nissan Q70 L

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